JV Volleyball Takes a Loss to Howell

By Taylor Gianopulos

Wednesday, September 19, 2012, the JV girls volleyball team played an intense game against Francis Howell.

“I think I did well,” said sophomore, Valerie Udovenko, “I didn’t do as great as I would like to, but I did get a few good blocks and kills.”

The team battled through a tough two games.

“I definitely think we could have read the hitters better and passed better,” said sophomore, Layna Scherff.

The final score of the first game was 19 to 25. Howell pulling out the win.

“We needed to get our passes up and get harder hits,” said Udovenko.

The second game, the team came out strong getting to every ball, taking the lead right away.

“I think we played good,” said Scherff, “we just let up toward the end.”

The team went from being in the lead, to falling behind with a final score of the second game being 22 to 25 Howell.

“Even though we lost, in the second game we really got our game on,” said Udovenko.

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