Day One Girls Tennis GAC Recap

On Sept. 24 at FHN, the Varsity girls tennis team stands in second to Howell after the first day of GACs.

The first day of competition consisted of doubles matches. These were separated into six different categories; 0ne to three being in the more competitive Varsity gold division, four through six in the less competitive Varsity silver divison.

Sophomore Risa Takenaka and senior Jasmine Wahlbrink took first in the Varsity one doubles. Also taking first were juniors Megan Oostendorp and Kelesy Schaffrin in the number three doubles. In the number two doubles, Seniors Jackie Jorel and Kerry Moriarty took second. Juniors Hellen Yi and Allison Lewis also took second in their number five doubles. Sophomore Rachel Mecklenburg and freshman Aadie Hiegel took fourth in the number four doubles.

Tomorrow, the team will play singles matches at FHN.

“I think we will do really well [tommorow] because we are motivated from our results today,” Takenaka said.



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