Top Five Players to Watch in the SuperBowl

1. Peyton ManningPeyton

After recent interviews with Manning, it sounds like he will retire after this game. So in that case we should see Mr. Omaha go all in with this game. With his younger brother Eli already having two Super Bowl rings, I would assume that the fire in Peyton’s eyes to get that second ring. If Peyton stays up in pocket and manipulates the defense like he has done for years, the Broncos are sitting pretty for the win.


2. Richard Sherman

“I’m the best corner in the league,” Sherman said after the game winning pass deflection. He wasn’t lying. He leads the league in interceptions with eight (3 more than any other defensive back). If the Seahawks want to win this game, there going to have to shut down Peyton’s deep threat, Demaryius Thomas. Big plays will have to be made and if Sherman is there, Peyton will have to look somewhere else.


3. Knowshon Moreno/ Montee Ball

Whoever starts they’ll have trouble trying to get yards on the ground against the number one defense in the League. Moreno is a threat in the passing game with is swing and leak routes for Peyton’s check down if no one is open, which will happen with the Seahawks “Legion of Boom” covering the Broncos receivers.


4. Denver’s Offensive line

Their O-line has been solid with keeping Peyton off the ground, but they haven’t played a team like Seattle. With Seattle’s DB’s shutting down Peyton’s targets, the Seahawks pass rush will be coming. So if Denver’s line can’t keep Peyton upright, you can just chalk up a win for Seattle.


5.Russell Wilson

Wilson just hasn’t had to produce game changing numbers with their supreme running game with Lynch, but this is the Super Bowl. If he doesn’t break that “game manager” style of play he has been playing all year and play the balance offense and be a threat on the ground and through the air.

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