Possible Consequences of Inclement Weather at the Super Bowl

So there is a lot of talk about the weather possibilities for the super bowl this year. The reason it’s such a big deal this year more than other shutterstock_173561534years is the fact that it is being played outside in New Jersey. Players and fans are worried that the weather may be really cold, snowy, and windy. There were even talks of the super bowl being moved to a different day so that the game could be played in a more friendly environment, but that is not likely to happen.

The advantage could be definitely swayed towards the Seahawks direction if the weather ends up being either cold, windy, or snowy. The reason being is because Seattle is a defensive team and their offense runs the ball more times than not. The reason why the broncos would struggle is because they are passing team, proven by the many passing records Peyton Manning broke this year. The Seahawks offense wouldn’t be affected by the weather too much either because they are more of a running team and don’t rely on throwing the ball to make most their plays.

Manning also has a history of playing in bad weather, with a 8-11 record in weather under 40 degrees. Manning doesn’t really have the arm strength that he used to in his younger days, so he doesn’t play to well when it is really windy neither. Personally I think that the seahawks defensive backs are going to have a field day with manning and the receivers, but only if the weather is bad. If the weather is good for the players then I think it will change the entire outcome.

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