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It is a rare thing to see the top-ranked offense face the top-ranked defense in the Super Bowl, and that is exactly what audiences will be witnessing this Sunday. The sports world has waited two weeks in anticipation of the amazing matchup, and it is finally here.Untitled-1

The only thing that remains is to watch and enjoy as viewers are held captive on the edge of their seats until the final seconds tick off the clock. It is in these crucial seconds that one team is crowned victorious and stands triumphant, while the other is left wallowing in their own disappointments and self- failings. This is the true definition of the Super Bowl: the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding unbridled emotion of 22 men doing all that they can to achieve the ultimate prize, the Lombardi Trophy.

This Sunday, the 48th such team will walk away with the coveted trophy, knowing that they have done all that is humanly possible to reach the ranks of the elite. It is then that they will get a fleeting glimpse of the fame and power that comes with the title of “Champions of Football,” until another, better team robs them of it next year.

This game completely embodies the term “anybody’s game.” There are so many ways that it could play out, but somebody has to win. It’s very tempting to take the easy way out and say that both teams have a great chance, but that’s no fun. One team is superior to the other in a key aspect of this game. That key aspect is balance. The winner of the Super Bowl will have to have both a great offensive scheme and defensive presence. The team with the better balance coming into this game is the Seattle Seahawks. They’ve shown time and time again that they can put points on the board with the best teams in the league, while also shutting down the other team’s offense. It does not matter what the Broncos will try to do against the Seahawks’ defense because no one has, or will, stop the “team of destiny” this season.

1) Seahawks’ Defense

The Seahawks have advanced this far in the playoffs in large part due to their old-school, smash mouth defense. This is the same defense that set league lows in yards per game (273.6) and points per game (14.4). The Seahawks have ridden their defense to make it to the Super Bowl, and the Big Game will not change their game plan at all. They will still do all that they can to stop the opposing offense dead in their tracks.

2) Seahawks’ Versatility

Not only have the Seahawks ridden their defense to victory, but Marshawn Lynch has simply gone “Beast Mode” this postseason. He’s run for 259 yards and a three touchdowns on 50 carries in their first two games. The Seahawks’ offense is built upon their impressive and powerful running game, led by Lynch, Robert Turbin, and even Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ quarterback. The Seahawks were fourth in the NFL in rushing with 136.8 yards per game, while also being fifth in total passer rating at 102.4. With so many facets of their game, the Seahawks’ offense is almost as stingy as their defense.

3) Broncos’ Weak Schedule

The Broncos led the league in both offensive yards per game (457.3) and points per game (37.9). The only problem with using that as an argument for their victory is that they’ve played mostly below-average defenses. Here is their schedule and opposing defensive ranks: BAL (12), NYG (8), OAK (22), PHI (29), DAL (32), JAC (27), IND (20), WAS (18), SD (23), KC (24), NE (26), KC (24), TEN (14), SD (23), HOU (7), and OAK (22). The average ranking of the defenses they faced is 22 out of 32 teams in the league. I’m not saying that the Broncos didn’t have a great season, but one contributing factor to their greatness was the low degree of difficulty of their schedule.

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