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With it being only the third time in recent Super Bowl history where the league’s number one offense will face the number one defense, this game will prove which is more important, offense or defense.  But as they say “the best offense is a good defense” and this had been proven in the last two Super Bowls where the number one defense came out victorious.  This however will not be the case on Sunday.  The Broncos have what it takes to dismantle the Seahawks and come out of MetLife as Super Bowl champs.Untitled-1

The Broncos beat one of the defensive power houses in the league this year twice, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Tied for fifth with the last amount of points given up per game at 19.1 the Chiefs struggled to stop Manning and the Broncos.  Averaging 31 points per game against Kansas City this year, the Broncos brought up the question, can they be stopped?

With a stunning average of 38 points a game, I say no. With the threat of not only Manning who broke the NFL record of touchdowns thrown and total yards in a single season, Denver is equipped with a pair of solid running backs in Ball and Moreno and one of the best receiving corps in the game that includes big names such as Welker, Thomas and Decker. With four receivers with 10 or more touchdowns, no where is safe on the field.  When one is covered another is open which only adds to the versatility of Manning.

Another overlooked aspect of Denver’s offensive approach are their dynamic running backs.  With a total of 17 total touchdowns split between the two, Denver is not only a threat in the air but on the ground.  Moreno posted a 1,000 yard season this year and Ball is averaging over 4.6 yards per carry.  With the unpredictability of Denver’s offensive scheme I see no way that the Seahawks can stop them.

In this tight battle between defense and offense I see the Broncos coming out victorious 31-24.  With a matchup like this, nothing is certain.  The weather conditions are not favorable for the pass.  With this in mind, Manning will have a tough task but will come out Super Bowl champ once again.



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