Lady Knights Basketball Moves on to Next Round

On March 6, Howell North’s Lady Knights basketball team headed over to Fort Zumwalt East’s gym to face Fort Zumwalt North at the second round

Paige Pauley dribbles to the hoop.

Paige Pauley dribbles to the hoop.

of the district championship tournament. The Lady Knights won the game 52-41 and move on the second round of the playoffs.

“We worked hard at practice, so we would work hard at the game and take no time off,” senior Annelise Arger said.

At practices before the big game, the girls work on their offense and defense skills. The team studied the players on the Fort Zumwalt North’s team in order to prepare for the plays in the game. They also worked on their shooting skills and added a couple plays to there play book.

Before halftime, both teams were going back and forth on would was in the lead. After half time the girls played their hearts out and began to start making more baskets. According to senior Anne Reiner, they knew what they had to do in order to win the game.

“My favorite part of the game was winning at the end and knowing we were going to the championship,” Reiner said.

“The strengths of our team is that we work really well together and able to step up when someone is having an off game,” senior Madison Gillam said.

Ending the game, the score was 52-41 with the Lady Knights in the lead. The girls worked hard together to improve on their performance from the first half of the game.

“The best moment of the game was when time was running out and we knew no matter what Fort Zumwalt North did we were going to the championship game,” Gillam said.

The Lady Knights will move on to the next round of districts play Saturday, March 8 at one against the Fort Zumwalt South Bulldogs.

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