Girls Basketball Faces Zumwalt West

The FHN Lady Knights basketball team will be taking on the FZW Jaguars on Mar. 12 at six o’clock at Lindenwood University. With a 13-13 record the knights are going into the game as underdogs against the favored 24-4 Jaguars. With one more win the girls could advance to state and play in the Elite 8 for the first time in school history. One could say this next game is a complete season changer.

“The game is a deciding factor if we go to state, we could be the first FHN girls basketball team to make it to state and that’s something special,” senior Chelsea Priebe said. “I need to defend Jada Poland by making sure I box her out and contain her amount of rebounds and I also need to stay out of foul trouble.”

Things the team needs to work on to be a successful is just focusing on doing the little things right, remembering the fundamentals, and having a good game plan. Towards the end of the season is where you get everything you’ve learned throughout the season and put it all together to become more successful, and as the season starts coming to an end, every game counts.

“I think we could win this game and make it to the final four,” sophomore Austine Pauley said. “I need to focus on my layups and making my open shots, shutting down their top girl is a high priority also.”

Making it as far as the girls have is something special. Never giving up and working as hard as they can pushing each other to get better is what brought them to this point.

“We need to focus on shutting down three of their players and need to make sure we play our game,” Coach Hahn said. “If we win we keep playing and if we lose, we are done.”

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