Player Profiles Week 24

Evan Dickherber (Senior)

Boys Tennis

This year, the boys tennis had their first loss as a team to Fort Zumwalt South. The boys tennis team went undefeated last year. Senior Evan Dickherber said that losing that match really brought the team down at first, but coach Kate Kleiber helped them back up and got the team to start playing at their full potential. With long practices

Varsity Tennis player Evan Dickherber (mug shot)

Varsity Tennis player Evan Dickherber (mug shot)

and a lot of extra condtioning the boys now have a record of 5-1. Dickherber feels that if they stay focused at practices and work on their serving, the team will finish with only one loss to their record.

Vlad Shultsev (Senior)

Boys Volleyball

The boys volleyball team has a record of 10-4. Schultsev thinks the team needs to improve on a few of their skills to minimize the number of games they lose. He belives the team needs to work on blocking, hitting, and keeping the ball away from the other teams hands. Shultsev plays right side hitter and thinks he personally needs to work on his blocking. The team has their next game Apr. 17.

Ryan Clifton (Senior)

Boys Baseball

Senior Ryan Clifton has been trying to improve his game by going to the batting cages and working on his hitting. The season has started off rocky. The teams record so far is 3-7. Each practice the team works on hitting, grounding balls, pop flies and different techniques they can use in their upcoming games. Clifton thinks if everyone keeps up their hitting the team can pull out a win at their next game.

Megan Oostendorp (Senior)

Girls Soccer

Senior Megan Oostendorp thinks this years soccer team is having a fairly good season so far. They have a 7-3 record and hope to get another win against FZE on Apr. 17. Oostendorp hopes to improve her game in the future by taking more shots during the games. She also thinks if the team takes more shots and pressures the ball more than they have been, that they will be on their way to a winning season.

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