Varsity Girls Basketball Beats Timberland at Home

Austine Pauly playing against Timberland (photo by Sammie Savala)

Austine Pauly playing against Timberland (photo by Sammie Savala)

Halfway through basketball season and the varsity girls team is on top. On Jan. 20 the girls continued their season by playing Timberland high school and defeating them 45-34.

“It was a great team effort with a lot of contributions from a lot of people,” Coach Dawn Hahn said.

Before each game the team has a specific warm up they do to get the body warm and to get the mind in the zone, then a huddle is formed around each other to get pumped up and motivated to play their best during the game.

“I like the huddle because it lets us know what we need to focus on before the game and it helps us get pumped,” junior Katie Turnbeaugh said.

During the first period the girls were struggling to keep up with Timberland and ended up being behind. Ending the first half with a score of 18-17 Timberland, the teams were close but North just needed an extra push to gain the lead in the second half. The push over the top was gained when the final buzzer rang loudly in the gym and North was in the lead by nine points. The girls gathered and celebrated their defeat.

“It was a good win for us because even though we were down we worked together as a team and kept fighting through the entire game,” senior Sierra Teuscher said.

The next game we will be Friday night against Howell. The team has not played Howell yet this season and expect that the game will be a challenge but nothing they can’t handle.

“It will be a tough game, they have beat some teams that we have had close games with so it will be a challenge,” Coach Hahn said.


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