9-30 Varsity Softball vs. Marquette [Photo Gallery]

On Wednesday Sept. 30, the Varsity Lady Knights softball team played the Marquette Mustangs. The Knights lost against the Mustangs. The final score was 5-3, Mustangs. It was senior night for the Varsity Lady Knights softball team, and the last home game. The players also picked their favorite teachers and gave them an award before the game.
“I we did pretty good. We had a couple of errors, but overall I think our defense was good, but our hitting could have been a little better,” pitcher Austyn Rowan said.
The Mustangs scored in the first inning. The Mustangs also scored in the fourth and the seventh inning. The Knights scored their first runs in the second inning. The Knights also scored once in the third inning, and once in the sixth inning. Senior Courtney Laughlin hit a homerun in the first inning.
“We had our days where we just lost it, but other than that everything was pretty good,” Rowan said.
Photos by Abby Temper and Hannah Medlin.

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