The Annual Tradition of Powder Puff Continues

Juniors and seniors prepare for the annual Powder Puff game this upcoming month to support their grade and kick off the homecoming celebration. The girls practiced Sept 13. and Sept. 20 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. The players wear matching customized jerseys as a tradition along with their class number and colors on the back. (Photo illustration by Morgan Bales)

Juniors and seniors prepare for the annual Powder Puff game (Photo illustration by Morgan Bales)

This year, the junior and senior girls will take the football field in the annual Powder Puff game. The game will take place on Sept. 29 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will be sold for $3 in advance and $5 at the door. For over 10 years, the Powder Puff game has been one of KOE’s fundraisers and has gotten students excited about homecoming. The profits made from the game goes to all of the things that KOE does throughout the year to recognize students and teachers.

“It’s a tradition at this point to get the upperclassmen excited about homecoming and it’s a super fun school event for everyone to attend and participate in,” KOE sponsor Stephanie Johnson said.

This year, 64 junior and 78 senior girls will get dressed up in their jerseys. They will have two school-run practices before game day. The girls meet at school at 5:45 the night of the event to prepare.

“My favorite part about playing in Powder Puff is being the wide receiver and actually being good at it,” senior Jessica Jones said.

Lindsey Scheller and Johnson do a lot of work to organize the Powder Puff game to ensure that it’s a great event for everyone involved. There aren’t any changes being made to the event or the organization this year that are different than previous years. Last year, the graduated senior class of 2016 won with a score of 147-70.

“I think it is a good way to show your school spirit, so even if you’re not a junior or a senior you can cheer on whoever you want to win,” Johnson said. “It’s a good time to hang out with your friends and a great way to have some community involvement because we have a lot of parents and people around who want to come watch. Even if you’re not a junior or a senior you should come just for the fun.”

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