Track Teams Prepare for Upcoming Season

The FHN boys and girls track teams started off the 2017 preseason on Jan. 3 to prepare the season approaching them. The first meet for this season will be held on March 21 at FHC. The athletes have been preparing with workouts everyday after school

“Preseason is important because it will keep you in shape,” sophomore Jackie George said. “It will also help you have more endurance so you will be able to run longer and faster.’’

According to George, everyday at practice is something different. Some days, the coaches make the runners run 100m which is a straight way on the track, 200’s which is a straight way plus the curve, 300 which is two straights plus one curve and the 400 is one full lap around the track.

“My favorite event to race is the four by two which is a relay that is ran by four people doing a 200 meter dash,” sophomore Da’Viona Bonner said. ‘’It’s not all on you but you still feel some pressure because of you mess up you didn’t just mess up the race but the three other people running with you also.”

The Knights practice everyday after school in order to get ready for upcoming meets. The long distance runners practice usually consists of alternating between distance runs and workouts on the track. The end of every practice is core and upper body workouts.

“I’m looking forward to the meets we will have,” sophomore Miguel Daniels said. “I’m a very competitive person, and I like encouraging my teammates to do their best. The goal of the track program was a whole is to win state”.

The first meet is on March 21 for all levels and will be held at FHC. Other upcoming meets will be held on March 25 at Washington University for varsity runners and March 31 will be the FHN relays.

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