Roller Hockey Season Preview

FHN varsity goalie Chandler Edgecomb defends the goal from a FZN player on March 4, 2017. Photo by Michal Basford.

As spring sports start to roll around the corner, most people are excited for sports such as baseball, lacrosse or track. However, for some students, it is the beginning of roller hockey season. The FHN roller hockey team, which like the hockey team is not sponsored by the school, will begin its season on March 16 against Vianney. 

“I’m excited for this season,” says senior Brenden Mollett, a forward who is in his second year of playing roller hockey. “It’s fun, it’s good training for track, and I love the atmosphere of my teammates.”

All three teams started to prepare for the season on Feb. 27 with practices, some pick up games at Matterson Square Gardens and even preseason tournaments. Between March 2 and March 5, the varsity team participated in the Tour Breakout Tournament to prepare for the regular season, where the varsity team beat Lindbergh 3-0 but lost to FZN later that day 3-0.

“The tournament and the practices before the tournament were just to see what all of the players can do,” said senior Chris Schniepp, a defender who is also in his second year of playing on the roller hockey team.

The roller hockey team consists of three teams, with 13 people playing on C-team, which mostly consists of seniors just looking to have fun, 8 on the JV team, and 15 on the varsity team. The teams consist of seniors taking nearly half of the roster. The varsity team is looking to improve from last season, after ending the season with a 9-6 record. One other game to look forward to is a game on March 25, where the Knights will be taking on the FHC Spartans.

“I feel like we will do good this season,” said Schniepp, “as long as we all try hard, play defense and put the puck in the net.”

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