Team gets ball rolling

Over the past few years the bowling team has grown in size and even gained a reputation in the league they play in.

“The North teams are practically making up the entire league,” senior Nicole Caufman said. “Last year we didn’t have that many [bowlers] because their weren’t any announcements or anything. This year there were and it was advertised better.”

There are so many bowlers from FHN that there are nine teams made up of around five players each just from North. Each of these teams is in a different division, but they still play each other on a regular basis.

“They put us against random teams from other schools, but we play a North team every once in a while,” senior bowler Danny Frye said. “We kind of help each other out then.”

Though they help other North bowlers, many of them still believe they are competitive with other schools. They play teams such as Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell Central and Francis Howell. All North teams play next Sunday at Cave Springs Lanes where their practices are also held.