New, old players strive for scholarships

Sporting brightly-colored bowling balls, funky shoes and FHN jerseys, the FHN bowling team prepares for the State and Pepsi tournaments. They take place near the end of the year, and are considered a big deal for many.

“Anybody can go [to State],” Coach Denise Lupo said. “Pepsi is only for those who qualify.”

The State tournament takes place from March through May, which the team does not have to qualify for. Some think they didn’t exactly do their best last year at State in Blue Springs. For them that just means practice, practice, practice.

“[I need to] keep practicing and definitely learn how to throw a curve ball,” sophomore Jeremy Hyatt said.

The Pepsi tournament is a tournament you must qualify for to play in. It takes place in April. College scholarships, which a few students from FHN received last year, are given to bowlers who show extensive skill.

“Some of the kids did very well,” coach Ronnie Hyatt said, “There were some scholarships [handed out] during the Pepsi tournament. Plus they [the students] gained a lot of experience by doing that.”

The team ranges with students from all skill levels. For some, it is their first year playing on this team and they have shown much improvement after just committing to practice.

“I’ve enjoyed it very much,” senior Ariel Goldstein said. “My average has improved and I love my team.”