A Passion For Softball

Ever since her dad introduced her to it in fourth grade, freshman Austine Pauley has had a love for softball. She’s been in a church league, the Warcats U18 team and hopes to make an impact on FHN’s Varsity team with her .556 batting average.

“I was surprised,” Pauley said. “There weren’t a lot of freshmen, so I thought I would make freshman.”

Not only is Pauley one of the youngest members of Varsity, she also has one of the highest batting averages.

“We’ve only had six games, so she started out the season right by having good at-bats and hitting the ball hard,” Assistant Varsity coach Mike Freedline said.

Her batting average didn’t just happen. Pauley puts in about five extra hours of practice each week and plays a lot of summer ball with her sisters with her dad coaching.

“I think she’ll stay as one of our top hitters all season long and drive in a lot of runs,” Freedline said.

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