1-19 Bowling [Photo Gallery]

On January 19th, Howell North’s bowling teams show up to Plaza Lanes to compete against a large variety of schools in the area. North was paired up against Fort Zumwalt West to play 3 matches. North achieved a higher total number of points which gave them the victory.

“The lanes here were a little bit different than we’re used to, but surprisingly we are still doing very well” Senior Natasha Kozak said during the game.

North’s other bowling team took on Howell. The Knights won the first game, lost the second, and won the third.

“I feel like the rest of the season is gonna go well because we all work hard at practice and play well together,” Senior David McFeely said. “We’re all good bowlers and we keep getting better.” (shot by cameron mccarty and ashleigh jenkins)

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