Roller Hockey Black vs. Howell Preview

On Tuesday April 8, at 7:30 pm, the Roller Hockey Black team will be playing Francis Howell High School for a home game at The Wheel in Wright City.IMG_7552 copy

“We haven’t played Howell yet this year,” junior player Brennan Buerck said. “It’s going to be a tough game, but we can find a way to fight through it.”

Francis Howell North’s coach, Cody Kettler, is having a fortunate year. It’s his first year coaching and the team is currently in first place with five wins and one loss. He knows playing against Francis Howell will be difficult, but Kettler is confident about how his team will preform.

“I expect a good game from Francis Howell,” Kettler said. “They’ve surprised some teams this year and we can’t take anyone lightly. They have a good team. I expect us to play our game and work harder than the other team.”

The players know that while this game may be difficult, it’s important for them in several aspects.

“It’s really important that we keep our record high and get a high seed in the playoffs,” Buerck said.

Kettler believes his team will win and he believes that the team will just keep getting better as the season goes on.

“We are currently in first place but that really is not our main concern,” Kettler said. “We are looking to improve and get better with every game and be at our best come playoff time. I expect the rest of the season to be fun. I want the seniors to have a memorable last year here.”

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