New Bullpens, New Year

The softball teams, especially the pitchers will benefit from the newly built bullpens. They will provide an area for pitchers to warm up before a game, which is an alternative to running up the hill by the field, according to junior Austyn Rowan.

“I think they’re a great idea,” Rowan said. “It’s an easy way to warm up and still be close the game instead of having to run up the hill at last minute.” (Brief by Anthony Kristensen)


Three Times the Luck

The varsity girls’ volleyball team is “setting” up for their new season after being joined by a total of three new coaches to help the team succeed this year.

“The new coaches have been positive for our team,” senior Megan Mitchell said. “They have taught us a lot and pushed us to succeed.”

Head Coach Kaitlyn Early uses her experiences from playing Division I volleyball at Illinois State University to bring the best out of the girls.

“I wanted to stay involved with the sport and pass along some of the things that I’ve learned throughout the years,” Early said.

The girls and the coaches are working hard to prepare for their upcoming games, with a record of 3-4 at the time of publication.

“Our team is looking really strong,” Early said. “This should be a great season.” (Brief by Dan Borrelli)


The Fantastic Four

The boys’ swim team has never been a large group, and this year they’re smaller than ever, with only four swimmers: junior Avery Bond, junior Ryan Fischer, junior Dan Kuhn, and sophomore Nathan Dennigmann

“I think we don’t have a large swim team because people don’t like the practice hours,” junior Avery Bond said. “Some people might not even know that we have a swim team.”

This brings quite a change from last year, when 8 total swimmers were on the team. The size of this year’s team can bring many challenges to the swimmers.

“We might not have a chance of winning or even competing in meets,” sophomore Nathan Dennigmann said.

The swimmers are still excited for a good season this year, especially after winning 9 races at one of their meets, yet hopeful for a bigger team next year.

If someone was considering on joining the team I would say go for it,” Bond said. “Even if you’re a bad swimmer we can teach you.” (Brief by Dan Borrelli)

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