Varsity Tennis Season Recap

The Varsity Girls Tennis season came to an end on Sept. 23.  The girls ended the season 12-2 coming in first place in their tournaments against FHC, Troy and GACs. IMG_0008

“I think we all did really well and I am not just saying that.”  senior Lauren Bartram said. “We put in a lot of time on the courts to become better players too.”

All season from right after school for two hours the girls put in hard work to meet their goals. The team opened the season when they had their first match against FZE and won 9-0. This was just the beginning of all the big wins for the girls.

“I am so glad that we did so well because I wouldn’t want to disappoint my team or any of my coaches.” senior Mallory Shaffrin said.

At the girls first tournament against our rivals FHC, they placed first. The girls stated that this was a big accomplishment for them beating our rivals especially with them coming in first. This tournament helped boost the girl’s confidence and get them ready for the rest of the season. In this tournament, every double team placed first except the fourth team who got second. They continued to place in first throughout all of their tournaments against Troy and then once again in GACs.

“I was pretty confident that we’d do good against them,” junior Yuri Takenaka said. “We had been playing so great to not only beat them but beat them handedly.”

The girls ended the season playing Parkway North which they won 8-1. This was the last game the girls played as a team before going onto singles. Takenaka stated that this was a strong game being able to show the other teams what North was capable of as a whole.

“I thought it was an amazing season.” Takenaka said. “After losing our number one player, I was a little worried but everyone improved so much and was so motivated throughout the whole season.”

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