Player Profile Manager Edition

 On this special addition of player profile interviewed wrestling manager Emma Eckhard





Q1 What do you do?


     A: Manage Wrestling


    Q2 What do you do?


A:  Take stats


    Q3 Who is your favorite wrestler?


A: Zack Anderson


    Q4 What is your favorite part of managing?


A: Hanging out with the wrestlers.


   Q5  As a stat girl what exactly do you do?


A: Record pins, takedowns, techs, and nearfalls


    Q6 What is a tech?


A: Winning by 15 points


    Q7 What do you think of the singlets?


A: They are super cool, especially the black varsity singlets


   Q8 Do you like the coaches?


A: Yes, they’re all like huge kids


   Q9 How long have you been managing?


A: In second year


   Q10  Do you want to continue?


A: It’s fun and I enjoy it.



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