Three Things to Watch 4/6

Varsity Lacrosse vs St.Dominic 4/6

In their first game of their debut season the varsity girls lacrosse team will travel to St.Dominic. The rules for lacrosse are much like soccer except the small rubber ball has to be controlled in sticks, and not by the players feet. There are 12 players on the field including the goalie. Four stay in defense, four in attack, and three midfielders. The midfielders can go anywhere on the field whereas the attackers stay on the attacking side, and the defenders on the defending side. In their first season the girls aren’t necessary looking for immediate results but understand that they’re on the ground floor of something new.

We want to work together and have something that they can build on next year,” senior Rachel Elder said.

Varsity Soccer vs FHC 4/7

On Thursday, April 7, the varsity girls soccer team will play FHC at home. As always this rivalry game will promise to be a thrilling contest. As of Wednesday the Knights have a 4-2-1 record, the same as the 4-2-1 record of the Spartans. The Spartans have the advantage on offense scoring fourteen goals by eight different players. FHN has scored nine goals, all but two scored by one player; Samantha Cary. The Knights have the advantage on defense only allowing four goals so far this season. The Spartans have let in six. This will be a very close, very rough game.  

Varsity Girls Track at St. Dominic 4/8

On Friday, April 8 the varsity girls track team will travel to St.Dominic for their second meet of the season. Their first meet was the annual Friday Knight Relays, which were cut short by rain. So this will be the team’s first true test of the season. The girls team looks to build momentum especially for the seniors looking to make their last run into state qualifying. Here are some players to watch:

Paris Adele and Kasey Pierce: Sprints

Nicole Morse: Pole Vault

Ann Russell: Shot Put and Discus

Gianna Sulzner: High Jump

Heidi Hauptman: Distance Running

Autumn Todd: Hurdles    

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