JV Girls’ Lacrosse Rockwood Summit Tournament April 29 and 30

IMG_1238 copy

The JV girl’s lacrosse team plays in a home game

The new FHN girls’ JV lacrosse team had a tough first tournament on April 29. The girls played at Rockwood Summit and faced their team. The team was scheduled to also face Nerinx but only got to play one game. The second game was on April 30 but was canceled due to weather.

“I feel like we played a good game,” sophomore Lauren Massman said. “But there’s a few things we could have improved on.”

The Knights lost with a score of 6-1, and Massman scored her first goal. Trying their hardest, working together, and having fun, they lost but are working hard to turn the tables.

“The game we played was one of the more funs ones and each teams skill level was almost even though we lost it was fun,” freshmen Autumn Shrader said.

The second game of the tournament does not have a rescheduled date yet.  The next JV girls lacrosse game is on May 3, and the girls will be facing FHH.

“We did give a solid effort, but unfortunately, we lost,” Briana Schmidt said.

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