C-Team Softball Has High Hopes for Game Against Troy

C-team softball will be going against Troy on Sept. 13 at FHN. The team has won one game so far this season against Central. The c-team girls have been practicing nearly everyday after school to better prepare themselves for their game with Troy.

Harley Torpea practicing her throws (Emily Biehle).

Harley Torpea practicing her throws (Emily Biehle).

“I think we’ll do good because we’re making less mistakes than we did our first couple games,” freshman Harley Torpea said.

The team is looking to pull out a win this Tuesday when they battle Troy. Torpea tells how the girls have been working on base running and batting at their practices. They even scrimmage with the JV softball team to see how well they’ve progressed. The girls have been trying to gain strength in muscle and mind to try and beat Troy.

“Softball doesn’t just just focus on one thing, there’s running, throwing and batting,” Torpea said. “It works on every muscle.”

C-team softball coach Jesse Stewart has been helping the team become better at their sport by calling for many practices and pushing the girls to do better. Torpea describes how he pushes them to be their best and makes sure mistakes are fixed, which benefits when it comes to game time.

“I love the competition and it’s fun, I always want to win.” Freshman Hailey Corbeil says.

Before games the team gets in a huddle and they try to get rid of some nerves. The season started on Aug. 1 and the team beat Central at their game on Aug. 29. C-team softball has played four games total and hopes to make their game against Troy two out of five games won. Torpea and Corbeil explain how they feel the team’s desire to win should help them win their game against Troy.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Freshman Hailey Jenkins said.

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