Girls Golf Falls Short of FHC

Junior Jessica Qian drives the ball in a meet against FHC

Junior Jessica Qian drives the ball in a meet against FHC

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the varsity girls golf team played against FHC at The Links at Dardenne. FHN lost to Central 223 strokes to 199. So far, the record for the girls golf team is 0-5.

“It was a really rough game,” junior Jessica Qian said. “It was already very humid and on top of that, I just was not doing well. The one thing I struggled the most on was the short chip shots. If I would have improved or practiced more on my short chips I think I would have done better.”

The team faced multiple challenges during the game despite the easy course. Varsity players Taylor Sheridan and Taylor Johnson were absent from the match due to an illness and vacation. Summer Cline and Riane Davis are the two JV players that filled in for the two missing players. Another challenge was the heat. Players said that the heat made it very difficult to concentrate.

“It was a pretty easy course but it had its tough spots,” Cline said. “For being a substitute on varsity I think I did very well.”

The girls golf team has played against Timberland, Troy, FHHS and IWA. The past matches against Central have always been fun and gone very well, according to players. The team agreed that if the heat would not have been high and if the humidity would not have been as high, they would have played much better. Players also agreed that if they had more practice on certain areas they could have done better.

“Even though we lost, I still think we showed a good effort and tried our best,” Qian said. ” Unfortunately our best was not enough. Everyone had a rough round, but I am sure we will come back with the next match we play.”

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