C-Team Softball Finishes Season


On Tuesday, Sep. 27, the C-Team softball team faced Troy. It was their very last game in the season. They had been practicing everyday and working hard to lead up to it and were excited to play since one of the tournaments got rained out. Jesse Stewart, the coach, has been working hard on getting the girls to a triumph for their closing game.

“We made some good defensive plays, and we got a double play,” Stewart said. “That was probably what slowed them [Troy] down one inning. We just need to make sure we’re practicing everyday. They’ve [the Knights] gotten better over the games but practicing will help them out a lot.”

The end score ended up being 12-2. Troy was also the overall winner of the game. After all the line drives and plays that the Knights played, they ended up losing the game. The determination from them was one thing that never will leave them.

“I was thinking about it mentally,“ freshman shortstop Macy Miller said. “I wanted to beat Troy. I don’t feel the greatest about the score since we lost by ten, but I can always practice more so I can get better.”

The team’s practices are held everyday after school. They start off by running to stretch out their legs. Next the girls will begin to stretch out their arms as well. Stewart wants to make sure that there will be no muscle pulls or other injuries while practicing. The rest of the time will bring doing different exercises and learning different options and adaptations for upcoming games.

“[Individually, I can improve by] practicing outside everyday,” freshman catcher Adria Schmidt said. “Even though we lost, I enjoyed being with the team today. I had a lot of fun.”

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