Varsity Hockey Team Plays FHHS in Gold Cup on Oct. 28

Varsity hockey is playing Friday, Oct. 28 against rival team FHHS for the Gold Cup. The Knights have a 1-2 pre-season record. The team has been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare for this game and have off ice training.

“I think the team will do very good because we have been working very hard at practice and doing extra stuff to train outside of practice,” junior Jeffrey Cox said. “I believe if the team stays focused and keeps our heads in the game, we will have the outcome we want.”

At practice, the team starts off  by doing their warm-up drills that mainly consist of skating drills so the team’s legs get warmed up. Then the coach calls the team over and shows them what drills they will be going over at practice.

“I’m excited to play in Gold Cup because it’s such a fun game to play in because of the big crowd we always get for it,” sophomore Drake Johnston said. “Having the loud crowd in the stands also motivates me to try my hardest because we want to please our fans.”

The team hopes that all the hard work they put in at practice pays off. They hope to walk away Friday night with the cup. The team also hopes to improve their record. The team will do this by going to every off ice training which is the speed and agility part of practice, staying focused at practice, keeping their heads in the game and by playing together more effectively and efficiently.

“I hope we win the cup because it would be so exciting,” senior Luke Floyd said. “Because last year when we played Howell, it was a battle, and we just really want to win that rival game.”


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