Girls Swim on to Relays

This Friday, Dec. 9, the FHN girls swim team will take place in the annual McCluer North Relay meet. This will be their second meet of the season, and it will take place at McCluer North High School at 3 p.m.

“This meet is really exciting because there are a lot more teams competing than at most of our meets,” junior Erin Stock said, “and each event is a relay and there are no individual events, so it’s a lot more team-centered than other meets.”

The McCluer North Relays is different from the regular swim meets throughout the season because each event is a relay. This meet is also different because normally at swim meets, there are usually only two schools teams facing off against each other. At this meet, North’s team will go up against schools like McCluer North, McCluer South, Francis Howell High School and Lewis Central High School.

“I think this meet will help us further prepare for the season because it will help us with our teamwork, considering it’s all relays,” junior Kyleigh MacMann said, “and it will help our team by making us more of a family and bringing us all closer together.”

The team has had a strong season so far and believes that they are getting better and bonding more and more each day. They think that this will help them be successful at this meet and continue their success through the rest of the season. The team is excited for this meet because of its originality and how special it is.

“My favorite part about the meet is that unlike regular meets, the top three relays from each event are awarded medals,” Stock said. “This helps to make competing and winning much more exciting and fun for the team.”

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