Varsity Girls Swim vs. FZS Preview

On Mon, Jan. 30, the girls varsity swim team will compete against FZS from 3:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. The meet will be held at the Rec-Plex swimming area in Saint Peters. Each girl will be assigned her races the day of the meet.  The coach and her swimmers are very confident in their abilities for this meet.

“We were fortunate enough to beat them at an invitational that we both attended, so I’m hoping we do very well on the 30th,” head coach Karen Whitten said.

The team has changed considerably since last year. Besides the new head coach, Whitten, there has also been six freshmen who have joined the team. These new changes have given the swimmers other opportunities. Whitten has also introduced a new coaching style has been brought to the floor and it has received positive feedback.

“I think we’re gonna do good,” swimmer Kyleigh Macmann said. “I have no doubts in my mind about my team’s abilities and what they bring to the floor. Our coach gives us a lot of attention in the water and gives us great advice, she puts in a lot of effort and focuses on improving our weaknesses as well as focusing on our strong suits.”

The meet will end around 4:45 p.m, but the girls have to be out of the water by 5 p.m. The swimmers will swim relays as well as individual races. How the girls swim depends on what their strong suits are and what the coach thinks is the best fit for them in that situation.

“I think if we try as hard as we have been and put the work into it I think this meet will be a good turn out,” swimmer Erin Stock said.

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