JV Girls Basketball Downs Rival FHC

Sophomore Corinne Stevens drives past an FHC player in the Lady Knights 30-21 win

The JV Lady Knights girls basketball team played host to Francis Howell Central on Feb. 22. The Lady Knights surged ahead to win the game 30-21.

“I’m kind of sad but kind of happy at the same time [that the season is ending] because I’m happy to go home after school but sad because I’m going to miss all the practices and the team being together all the time,” sophomore Kelly Burris said.

After the first period, the game was very close with the score at 5-4 in favor of the Spartans. The second period was still very close but the Knights had taken the lead 12-11. The girls pushed ahead in the third quarter to make the score 21-15. Although the Knights eventually won by a wide margin, FHC was only three points away until the second-to-last minute.

After the first half, something changed drastically in the girls.

“We went to the locker room, we upped our intensity, we hyped each other up throughout the game and we just made sure to stay positive,” junior Briana Schmidt said.

The Lady Knights made almost all their free throws, while FHC didn’t make any. They were also taking any chance they could get to go to the net, even if it involved risks. Overall, there were a lot less errors in the second half.

The Lady Knights next game will be on Friday, Feb. 24 at FZW at 4 p.m. That will be their last game of the season. They are hoping to end the season with another win.

“I’ve learned a lot [this season] to be family and to get closer and you have to work as a team to win,” freshman Mary Michelle said.

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