Boys Rugby Season Begins

Junior Floris Krueger practices tossing the rugby ball on the FHN field to prepare for the upcoming season. (photo by Savannah Wandzel)

As spring sports begin, the rugby team continues to prepare for their new season by holding open practices on the football field through late February and early March. They had open practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15p.m to 5:00p.m., so if someone wanted to join, they just had to show up. These open practices ended in early March.

“There are a lot of returning players from last year, and that’s exciting,” junior Floris Krueger said. “We got second place at Ruggerfest, and we were very proud of that. We’re trying to get more players to join. It’s a lot of fun and you make some good friends.”

The players often do conditioning and tackling drills to better their technique and get them in shape for the upcoming season. This conditioning is led by Head Coach Trevor Locke.

“Locke is a really good coach,” junior Jean Pae said. “He’s really smart and works us hard so we can improve on ourselves every practice.”

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