Fletcher Dietrich Tries Out For a Sport Each Season of the Year

Fletcher playing as goalie on the FHN soccer team. (photo by Jeannie Dietrich)

Senior Fletcher Dietrich, who loves sports and continues to excel in them, chooses to try out for a sport each season of the year. Which, he successfully makes it on the team. If one doesn’t have anything to do after school that is what: sports, activities, clubs and such are for, to have things to be able to do after the school day. For Dietrich it takes up a lot of time of the school year, but he’s very committed to each and every sport he plays: basketball, soccer and golf.

“Yeah it takes up a lot time and is really tiring,” Dietrich said. “But it gives me something to do, and in the end I just wanna play me some sports.”

For Dietrich, basketball is the sport he’s been playing the most during his life, although his dad got him to play golf from a young age. During his high school career he’s played basketball and golf for four years. Senior Eric Dickherber, a close friend of Dietrich, got him into soccer his junior year. Overall he loves them all, but ultimately he chose basketball to be his favorite. Dietrich’s friends always try to hang out with him, but it seems impossible seeing how committed he is to his sports.

“He’s always busy and never has time to do anything during the whole year,” Dickherber said. “Good thing is, it keeps him really active and the fact that he’s really committed which, in my opinion, is really good.”

Dietrich says sports is a great way to make new friends and to work well together with others. For soccer this year, the team made it to State and had gotten third place. Senior Jose Alega, another friend of Dietrich, said that for soccer they needed a goalie and that Alega convinced Dietrich to join the soccer team. After some time, Dietrich made the team and they trained him to be a goalie.

“He’s so committed to all his sports,” Alega said. “He tries his best and all in everything.”

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