Track Competes in Friday Night Relays


Sophomore Kira Ward runs in a relay. (photo by Reide Pearson)

On March 31 track will have Friday Night Relays, it is a night that track students get to show what they have been working towards all season. This is an open event, so it makes it different from their ordinary track meets. Their will be other events played that do not normally happen, such as co-ed relays.

“The girls team is looking tough this year and the boys look pretty good too and our co-ed medley is looking super strong,” sophomore Hannah DeGraw said. ” I am super excited to see how everyone performs.”

Normally there are open events, which means the athletes run these events by themselves, but every race at this event there will be a baton hand-off to other teammates. This event is more based on the team than it is about individuals. Their will be co-ed relays at this event. It is a time to show what the bond between a team and working together can do.

“I think we are prepared,” senior Bryan Chac said. “We have all been really excited for our first meet of the year and I think we have a good shot at winning a few races.” 

The girls and boys have been preparing themselves for this event since the beginning of the season. They have been dedicated mentally and physically to the track.

“I am expecting it to go really well for certain events,” Degraw said. “Our coach does a very good job of preparing us. I know our girls team is unified and we are all dedicated and motivated which I think that, mentally, will help us a lot this meet and this season.”

After this event the team will start their normal relays and meets, this is a event that track will prove themselves before they start off their season.

”I think they are going to go really well,” junior Heidi Hauptman said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how well we do as a team. This meet is super fun because it’s all relays, so you’re always doing something as a team. I think that everyone is really prepared and that we are going to do great.” 

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