Bogey Hills Fire Affects FHN Golf Teams

The remains of Bogey Hills Country Club sits after the fire died out. (photo by Matthew Jewson)

Bogey Hills Country Club, where the FHN girls’ golf team practices, caught fire. The fire started on Thursday, Feb. 17, at around 11:30 p.m. and quickly spread, destroying the clubhouse. About 15 firetrucks and 50 firefighters were called in to extinguish the flames. However, there were no injuries.

“When I first heard about Bogey Hills I was shocked and kind of upset, but relieved that the course didn’t get burned,” golfer Briana Schmidt said.

Bogey Hills is the location where FHN’s girls’ golf team holds practice everyday. Although the course is still open for play, many girls on the team hold a strong bond with the clubhouse and were upset to hear about the destruction that was caused by the fire.

“Since my freshman year, I started playing at Bogey Hills, and I think it helped me grow as a golfer and make a lot of great memories,” golfer Jessica Qian said.

The boys’ golf team will be unaffected by the fire as they hold practice at Cave Springs Driving Range and Links of Dardenne, out in O’Fallon. They do have an upcoming competition at Bogey Hills, but it will not be canceled because of the fire.

“I was definitely surprised to hear what had happened,” boys’ golf coach Mark Wright said. “I’m glad the course is still open.”

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