Boys Tennis Team Has Many New Members This Season

Sophomore Alex Pintor prepares to hit a forehand. There were 18 seniors who graduated last year, leading to the influx of new players. (photo by Kyra Peper)

The boys’ tennis team only has two returning senior players from last year, five other returning members and ten members who are new to the sport.

“It’ll be a lot different this year,” senior Eric Dickherber said. “Everybody playing except for me has never played on varsity. It’ll be interesting.”

To prepare for the season, the team has been training by participating in various drills during practices to make sure everyone knows how to hit well and making sure to stay fit for the season. Some of the players began their preparation for this season beginning back in summer. This preparation has been in hopes for the guys to be able to win more matches this year than previous years and getting as many players qualified for State as possible.

“We have been stressing that our team is a team for a reason,” student manager Maddie Oswald said. “We have to support each other.”

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