Varsity Baseball Outfielders Work Hard for the New Season

Junior Chris Connolly catches a pop fly ball that was thrown to him. (photo by Kamryn Bell)

The “no fly zone” was what the varsity baseball coaches called three senior outfielders that graduated last year, leaving the new varsity outfielders with big shoes to fill.

“The outfielders last year were all really close,” sophomore Hunter Tabor said. “Whenever you saw one of them, you saw another. They had each other’s back on the field and I think that’s what made them great.”

The “no fly zone” got its name because any ball hit in the air was caught. The three players replacing them this year are Tabor, junior Jake Needham and junior Chris Connolly. Varsity baseball coach Mike Freedline doesn’t think that the speed of the “no fly zone” can be replaced, but he does have high hopes for the rest of the season.

“Last year we knew what to expect,” Freedline said. “We knew the players’ skills. This year we have a lot of new players, but I know they are going to do great.”

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