Boys’ Tennis Heads to Districts

Senior Adam Quigley runs to the tennis ball to hit it across the net to his opponent. (photo by Kyra Peper)

Boys’ tennis heads to Team Districts next week after their 4-2 season. From there, they have the chance to advance to Team Sectionals on May 20 and then Team State on May 25.

“It’s kind of unclear this year [how we’ll do] because we’re in a new district with schools we’ve never played before, so I’m hoping to just go out there and all play our best and just see what happens,” sophomore player Sachin Milli said.

The team has had practice every day after school from about 2:30-4:30 to prepare for tournaments throughout the season, which began on March 20 with their first match. At practice, they work on different skills depending on what the players need to improve. According to Milli, there’s also a lot of strategy. They pay attention to what other teams do and adapt their playing accordingly, all in the hopes of making it as far as they can.

“For the team, I think we’re doing pretty good,” Milli said. “The fact that we’re doing not that bad is a good sign.”

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