Jenna Gehricke Finishes First Year of Lacrosse [Photo Story]

Jenna Gehricke stretches with her team before they begin their practice. Gehricke is one of the many girls joining lacrosse for the first time. This is only the second year for girls lacrosse at FHN.

Gehricke chants along with Brianna Schmidt and their teammates before they start practice. Gehricke was part of varsity Knightline freshman year, but she wanted to try something new.

“I liked Knightline but I wanted to mix it up and do something fun,” Gehricke said.

Jenna Gehricke reaches to catch the lacrosse ball after a Payton Stephenson throw.

“I like that the whole team is all good friends and we all have fun together,” Gehricke said.

Gehricke throws the ball to Payton Stephenson during warm ups. She has been practicing on and off the field trying to get better. Gehricke plays the position of attack/offense and feels like she plays her best in that spot.

“I like my position of attack because I can score more,” Gehricke said, “and I feel really confident in it.”

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