FHN Twitter Accounts

Here you can find important Twitter accounts for various activities at FHN.follow-us-on-twitter-bird


Football – @FHNfootball4

Boys Golf – @FHN_BoysGolf

Girls Tennis – @FHN_GirlsTennis

Volleyball – @FHNvolleyball

Cross Country – @RunningKnights

Administrators and Staff

Mr. Brown – @chrisbrownSTL

Mr. Kelly – @FHNBioSwim

Mrs. Phillips – @bramach

Mr. Besse – @MrBesse

Principal Birch – @FHNBirch

Maintence Department – @maintenancedept

Mr. Brocksmith – @JoughBroxmith

Dr. Greer – @KGreerFHN

Mr. Manfull – @manfull

Guidance Office – @FHNGuidance


Spanish Club – @FHNSpanishClub

Athletic Booster Club – @FHNboosters

Choir Department – @Fhnchoir

Film Club – @FHNFilmClub

Fashion Club – @FHNFashion

Anime-Manga Club – @FHNAnimeClub

Ecology Club – @FHNEcologyClub

Young Democrats – @fhndems

Young Republicans – @FHNrepublicans


Student Council – @fhn_stuco

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – @FHNFCA

DECA – @Fhndeca1314

Mentors – @FHNmentors

Junior NHS – @jrNHS

Senior NHS – @fhnNHS14

School Spirit

The Goonies – @The_Goonies14

Spirit Patrol – @FHNSpiritPatrol

Other Accounts

FHSD – @FrancisHowell

Learning Commons – @FHNLibrary

Activities Office – @fhnactivities

FHNgameday.com – @FHNtodaylive

FHNtoday.com – @FHNtoday

Message us on Twitter @FHNtoday if you think any other accounts should be added to this list.